Sample List of CampMaker Clients

  1. Camp Tilikum
  2. Twin Rocks Friends Camp
  3. Eagle Fern Camp
  4. Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center
  5. Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center
  6. Camp Tadmor
  7. Camp Harlow
  8. Black Lake Bible Camp
  9. Quaker Hill Camp and Conference Center
  10. Royal Ridge Retreat
  11. Island Lake and Miracle Ranch
  12. Jonah Ministries
  13. Shiloh Bible Camp
  14. Aldersgate Retreat Center
  15. Camp Morrow
  16. Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center

System Set Up Process:
If you have a staff member who has expertise in creating spreadsheets and desktop publishing they have the basic skills to be the CampMaker On-Site Project Leader.  I then spend time reviewing your unique needs, designing the system, converting your existing information from other databases or spreadsheets and training your staff to use the new system.  Usually it takes two days of on-site installation and training and then a few weeks of once a week phone meetings.  At that point you should have most of the customizing in place.

If you have internet access at your camp, I can log into your database remotely to make custom updates.

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