Integrity means a lot in today’s world.  Following through on your promises and being a person that can be trusted is critical.  Your building’s foundation must have integrity just as much as the information in your offices must have integrity.

Technology can be very helpful to manage your camps business, but if the office staff aren’t trained well and the office systems aren’t set up properly, you are wasting your time.

From the beginning of my efforts to design an effective information management system for the camping industry, I’ve tried to build integrity into the structure:

1. Are you entering information about the same people or events more than once?

2. Can you search and find statistics about your campers, guests and know their return rate?

3. Do you have duplicate families, people, or camper records in your data?

4. Can you send out a newsletter to your constituents without duplicates?

Benchmarks for the Industry

At a recent conference of camping professionals a list of benchmarks (statistics) was recommended as a way to measure the organizations financial health.  After reviewing the statistics on the page, it struck me that most camps couldn’t put together this list of benchmarks because the leaders often didn’t realize the importance of having accurate information on their people.  They had databases, spreadsheets, etc., but they had so many duplicates and sources for their information that they couldn’t create the information for the reports in a reasonable amount of time and work.

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